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The projects and initiatives within UCF Rising impact those of us in the research community from Principal Investigators and Departmental Research Administrator to Faculty and Deans. The efforts underway change the way we do business and the processes that support our work. Many of you may be impacted by one or more of these key projects:

Finance and Administration Changes

UCF is implementing Encumbrance Management to better manage the department budgets. Read more about Encumbrances in the FAQ section.

Human Capital Management Commitment Accounting

Key changes to the organization with the introduction of salary and fringe encumbrances, funding distribution changes and Salary Cost Transfer. The workflow for funding changes will be separated from the changes for routine personnel actions. Additional changes are being made to ePAFs.

Huron Research Suite Agreements

Huron Agreement provides management of financial and non-financial research agreements. To learn more about HRS Agreements please visit the Project Wahoo site at

Huron Research Suite Grants

Simplifies sponsored project life cycle processes while meeting sponsor and institutional compliance requirements through an electronic grants management and system-to-system proposal-submission solution. The flexible workflow provides electronic routing for internal review, notifications and error checking, helping to ensure transparency and a first-time successful submissions.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Huron IACUC facilitates high-quality, compliant reviews for research studies involving the care or use of animals. The system provides access to species, procedures, substances, training information and inspections to facilitate the submission and review process.

Huron Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Huron IRB facilitates high-quality, compliant reviews for research studies involving human subjects. The application combines compliant IRB operating practices from the HRPP Toolkit with human research protection best practices.

Huron COI – Disclose and Manage Interest

Huron COI streamlines the disclosure process for potential conflicts of interest. The system integrates annual disclosure data with related research certifications to ensure transparency and track compliance.

PeopleSoft Grants

The implementation of PeopleSoft Grants will bring new functionality, reduction of customizations to PeopleSoft, and integration to the PeopleSoft Financials system.

Research Data Warehouse

The Research Data Warehouse (RDW) is the existing data source for UCF reporting. With the implementation of the Huron Research Suite and the PeopleSoft grants module, changes in the transactional data must be mapped to the RDW and the data feeds will be modified.