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UCF Financials is now available.

During the recent downtime, Financials Support Services (FSS) and other partners in the UCF Rising program implemented a new module and upgraded the system tools.

The newly added Grants module provides a major enhancement to UCF Financials by improving the administration of sponsored awards within the application. FSS undertook this improvement as part of the UCF Rising initiative. The new module enables the university to support additional research and helps facilitate the growth of research funding.

Other changes to the system affect those who use the offline journal template to create journals. Users must now have Windows 10 to upload traditional and Standard Budget Ledger journals. In addition, they must download a new version of the two journal template files. These can be found on the Journal Resources page of the UCF Financials website, (Copy and paste links into a new browser window before opening.)

Learn more about changes to UCF Financials by visiting the UCF Rising – UCF Financials webpage, Click the “Learn More about Key Changes” button to view an Addy Tip that provides additional information.

Note that before opening the updated system, users should clear the cache in their browsers. This will help to ensure that UCF Financials performs properly.

For assistance contact the Financials Service Desk using the information below.

Financials Support Services
UCF Finance and Accounting
12424 Research Pkwy, Suite 300
Orlando, FL 32826
Phone: (407) 823-5117 Opt. 6

PCard Information

Please review the following information you need to be aware of in the upcoming weeks:

  • PCard approvers should approve all project PCard transactions by noon on Friday, October 25th.  Approvers should refrain from approving project PCard transactions after noon on October 25th.  Any project PCard transactions that are approved after noon will be returned to staged and will have to be reapproved when UCF Financials returns on November 7th.
  • PCard approvers should tie all project PCard transactions to purchase orders (POs) by noon on Friday, October 25th.  Approvers should refrain from tying project PCard transactions to POs after noon on October 25th.

 PCard approvers should approve all department PCard transactions by noon on Wednesday, October 30thTransactions not approved by this time will be processed when UCF Financials returns on November 7th.

  • PCard cardholders may continue to use their cards while UCF Financials is offline (10/31/19-11/6/19).
  • PCard cardholders may receive temporary overrides with email approval from the RFO and or DDC while UCF Financials is offline.
  • PCard purchases of $5,000 or above will be allowed without a purchase order during the UCF Rising system downtime.  However, an approved requisition and purchase order must be created for the purchase when UCF Financials is back online.
  • PCard approvers should only tie a credit to the PO line that was originally charged. If the line is closed, do not tie the credit to the next available PO line. Instead, approve the transaction without tying it to a PO. Approvers can utilize the Related Content > PO Details to help assist with the finding PO line details. (Please be sure to follow this any time you have a credit)

If you have any further questions regarding this information, please contact

Thank you,

PCard Administration