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This is a reminder of the changes coming to the software system the Office of Research, Research Foundation, and Office of Technology Transfer will use for the processing of financial and non-financial agreements when it goes live Oct. 21, 2019.

Researchers will need to submit financial and non-financial agreements to the central office using the Huron Agreements software.

Non-financial agreements impacted include Material Transfer Agreements (MTA), Master Agreements (MA), Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements (CDA), and Data Use Agreements (DUA).

Financial agreements impacted are Sponsored Research Agreements (SRA), Consulting Agreements (CA), Outgoing Subawards (OS), and Clinical Research Agreements (CDA).

The new Huron Agreements system is currently accessible for non-financial agreements at  But beginning Oct. 21, the system will also be required for financial agreements as well.

Training reference guides and videos are available within the Huron Agreements Help Center.

The new software system is part of a multi-year university-wide project, which will restructure research administration business processes and technologies. The goal is to enhance operations to support UCF’s research enterprise. This initiative includes the implementation of a new electronic research administration (eRA) system called the Huron Research Suite.

The software is comprised of a number of highly integrated solutions that will specialize in different facets of research administration. The Office of Research, College of Graduate Studies and Research IT, UCF IT, Finance and Administration, and the Huron Consulting Group have partnered to launch the new software. The Institutional Review Board (IRB) was the first group to make the switch late last year. More changes are planned through 2020.

We are excited about the improvements the new system will bring to UCF, and we appreciate your support as we move forward to modernize our research administration software.

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